How do I confirm a trade?
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I am a buyer

Once the seller has marked the item(s) as delivered, you will be notified by us via mail and SMS (if enabled). Once you are notified, go to the GamerPay website and open your purchase. From here, open the trade offer, and ensure that the seller has sent you the right item(s).

  • If the item(s) are correct, accept the trade offer on Steam and press "Confirm traded offer accepted" on GamerPay to finalize the trade.

  • If there are any issues; the seller sent the wrong item(s), or no offer at all, press "Start dispute". The trade will be put on hold while our support team investigates.

IMPORTANT: You have 18 hours to either confirm or dispute a trade after the seller has marked the trade offer as sent. Failure to react within 18 hours will result in the funds being released to the seller and the trade will be marked as completed, and this might lead to money loss.

I am a seller

We will notify you via GamerPay, mail and SMS (if enabled) when you've made a sale. Once you are notified, go to the GamerPay website. Open the sale under your Trades and press "Accept trade". After this, press "Create trade offer on Steam" and make sure you select the correct item(s) and send the trade offer to the buyer. Make sure to confirm the offer on your Steam mobile app as well.

Once the trade offer has been sent, confirm this by pressing "Trade offer sent on Steam" on GamerPay to notify the buyer.

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