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I am buying for the first time

Top things you need to know about buying on GamerPay

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Why use GamerPay?

GamerPay offers a secure & easy-to-use skin marketplace, built by passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs with various experiences within trading, marketplaces & much more. As one of the only marketplaces in this space, we allow people below the age of 18 welcome on our site, as long as they are at least 13 years old and have approval from one of their guardians. You can read more about us and our story here.

Is it safe to use GamerPay?

Yes - GamerPay is 100% safe to use. Whenever you are purchasing on GamerPay, you are guaranteed the skin delivered to your Steam inventory, or a 100% refund. Purchasing fees will not be charged if a trade fails.

What does it cost to use GamerPay?

The fees we charge depends on how you pay for your trade. You can find an overview of our fees here.

How do I add or change my tradelink on GamerPay?

Under the Profile tab, you will be able to find and change all your details, including your tradelink. You can access the Profile tab by pressing on your image at the top right corner.

Do I get charged, if I forget to send the tradeoffer?

For wallet payments: Yes - the money will be reserved from your wallet. If you forget to send the tradeoffer, your money will be transferred back to your wallet once the 5 minutes time period has passed.

For card payments: No - the money will be reserved as soon as you have finished the checkout and get redirected to the page where you are told to send a tradeoffer. If you do not send the tradeoffer, our payment provider will notify your bank that the transaction failed, and it is the responsibility of your bank to lift this reservation.

Your money will first be charged whenever the tradeoffer has been sent and tracked by the Steam API. If a seller does not deliver the skin before the 18-hour mark has passed, you will be refunded via the payment method you chose at checkout.

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