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I am selling for the first time
I am selling for the first time
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I want to start selling on GamerPay - how do I do this?

First of all, we appreciate that you decided to sell on our marketplace - it's a pleasure to have you!

You can start your seller journey by heading towards the "Sell" button at the top of your screen - or simply by clicking this link. You will be greeted by a small pop-up about a few sneak peeks of what features you get when selling on GamerPay. Press "Get Started", and you're now ready to list your skins on our marketplace!

Does it cost anything to sell on GamerPay?

A small sales fee of 3% is charged when you sell on GamerPay. If you wish to withdraw your funds to your bank account, a fee of 2.5% is charged.

How do I accept a trade, when a skin is sold?

We will notify you via GamerPay, mail and SMS (if enabled) when you've made a sale. Once you are notified, go to the GamerPay website. Open the sale under your Trades and create the trade offer. Make sure you select the correct item(s) and send the trade offer to the buyer. Make sure to confirm the offer on your Steam mobile app as well. Once the trade offer has been sent, press "Trade offer has been sent" on GamerPay to notify the buyer.

What is Buff?

On the Sell section on GamerPay, you might see the word "Buff" used as our market price. Buff or BUFF is a big Chinese marketplace, that most people in the trading community use to define the cash price, meaning what the skin is worth in real cash if you were to sell it 💵

What do the 2 letters and the 0.xxxx number represent?

The two letters represent the exterior/wear of the skin, and the number represents the skin's float value. The float value determines the value of the skin. Click here for more information on float values.

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