How to deposit with crypto on GamerPay

Deposit crypto on GamerPay through Coinify

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We have made it easier than ever to enhance your gaming experience by allowing crypto deposits through our trusted partner, Coinify.

Deposit through Coinify

Once you have selected that you wish to deposit crypto through Coinify, you will be provided with information about your deposit, the equivalent price in Cryptocurrency, and two payment options:

A QR code that you can scan through a wallet on your phone.

The option to copy the payment details and paste them into your wallet. The payment details refer to the recipient wallet address and crypto amount requested.

Once you have finished the payment through your wallet, and the payment has been reflected on the cryptocurrency network, the payment status will update to "Paid" and Coinify will send you a confirmation email. Your deposit will then be available on GamerPay within 2 business days.

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