Tradelocked items

Sell your skins in advance, and deliver them once tradeable!

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Tradelocked skins are now on GamerPay! 🥳

How does it work (when buying):

  • Money is charged from your payment method of choice when you make the purchase

  • Once the item is tradeable, you log in to GamerPay and create the tradeoffer on Steam. You have 24 hours to do so once the item is tradeable. We will notify you once the item is tradeable.

  • The seller has 24 hours to accept the sale once you have sent the tradeoffer. If the seller does not accept the sale in time or declines the tradeoffer, the full amount will be refunded to your balance and the seller will be punished.

  • If you do not create a tradeoffer once the item is tradeable, you will be penalized with 10% of the price paid. The remaining amount will be refunded to your balance. NOTE: In order to spend/withdraw your balance, you have to be verified.

How does it work (when selling):

  • You will be notified once an item gets sold

  • Once the item is tradeable, the buyer has 24 hours to create a tradeoffer on Steam.

  • When the tradeoffer has been sent, you will get notified again and have 18 hours to accept the sale.

  • If you do not accept the sale within 18 hours, or decline the tradeoffer, you will receive a seller ban for 30 days. This ban will also move you one step higher on the 4-step seller policy.

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