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How to contact GamerPay support?
How to contact GamerPay support?

I want to contact GamerPay

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You can reach our support team through our support email or through our on-site chat - we usually reply within 48 hours 💬

You can send an email to [email protected]. Please make sure the subject of the email is relevant to your inquiry. You will receive an automated reply from us, once the email has been received 📧

If you decide to use our chat, you are met by our chatbot. The bot is currently in beta but should be able to handle most questions. If the bot is unable to answer your questions, or you face an issue that our team should handle, it should hand you over to our support flow after a few messages. If not, you can skip the bot by replying with "agent" after the bot sent its first message 🤖

If you wish to report a bug, we prefer you do so through email 📧

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