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I want to contact GamerPay for a partnership/sponsorship
I want to contact GamerPay for a partnership/sponsorship

How do I get in contact with the marketing team of GamerPay?

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We are excited to hear that you find GamerPay interesting as a potential partner! 🤝

You can reach our marketing team through our support email or through our on-site chat. Since both channels are set up for support inquiries, so please do not get confused if you are confronted by anything support related at first 💬

You can send an email to [email protected]. Please make sure the subject of the email is relevant to your inquiry, so we easily can identify that it is targeted toward our marketing team. You will receive an automated reply from us, once the email has been received 📧

If you decide to use our chat, please start a conversation and reply to the bot with the word "agent". From here, go to GamerPay support and create a non-support-related ticket, then we will make sure to forward it to our marketing team 🎫

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