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Temporary payment authorizations
Temporary payment authorizations

What is that and when are my funds available?

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In cases where a transaction failed after the funds have been authorized, you may see a pending transaction/hold or reservation for the funds in your bank account statement 🏦

This happens when you initiate a transaction with us, and we authorize the funds. This does not mean that the merchant (GamerPay) has charged any money from your card πŸ’³

If you buy item(s) on GamerPay and do not send a tradeoffer to the seller within 5 minutes, the authorization will expire within 24 hours, and no funds will be charged from your card. The same applies if the transaction fails before you are able to send a tradeoffer to the seller πŸ’³

When will my funds be available?

This varies a lot, depending on what bank you are a customer of. As mentioned, we authorize the funds for 24 hours - once passed, it is your bank's responsibility to make the funds available to you 🏦
In most cases, the funds will be available within 8 business days, as many banks have set procedures that overwrite our authorization time ⌚

Some banks do not remove authorizations before the standard expiry date, and if that is the case, it may take up to 30 days for your funds to be available depending on whether they remove the hold before the authorization expires or not πŸ—™

What is the difference between a payment authorization and a charge?

When you complete the Lemonway payment form, we will try to authorize the payment to make sure there is enough money on your payment card to make the purchase. Here your bank will most likely accept the authorization, as long as your card information is correct, and you have enough funds in your bank account πŸ’΅

Once a payment has been authorized, your bank will most likely create a pending transaction for the amount, or place a hold on the funds. This does not mean that the money has been charged by GamerPay β›”

If you have any questions regarding payment authorizations, please feel free to contact our support team πŸ’¬

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