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How does Referral work?
How does Referral work?
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Referral is a feature that is meant for you to make some money when welcoming new users to GamerPay 💸

  • You simply go to the link, click "Copy link" and then you can paste it wherever you want! (This could be Twitter, Facebook, Twitch etc.)

Remember that you need to be logged in to find your personal code.

How does it work?

When someone uses your link when visiting GamerPay for the first time (and signing up), they get a discount of €5 on a purchase or €5 on their wallet balance on their first sale. Note: For the transaction to qualify for the discount/top-up is that the transaction must be of at least €50.

You get a €5 deposit on your GamerPay wallet if a referred user completes a qualifying transaction.


The referred user must make this transaction within 30 days of signing up. Users who are Steam level 0 or have their Steam profile set to private can not receive referral rewards. Any person who has received a drop on Esportal prior to signing up cannot use a referral link. The referral offer may only be used once per household. Abusing the referral system by repetitively referring yourself or someone else through alternate accounts is of course not allowed and will get all of your accounts blocked from using GamerPay in the future. We cannot add the referral reward manually.

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