GamerPay Drops
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What are GamerPay Drops?

GamerPay Drops are our way to give back to the community. A drop is a giveaway, often for a skin or a gift card to GamerPay πŸ†“

In order to participate in a drop, you complete tasks such as referring friends or selling items on GamerPay. You can find all running drops on the Drops page. On the Drops page, you can see the task for each drop as well as how many tickets you have accumulated πŸ”Ž

How do I claim my drop if you select me as a winner?

If you win a drop, you should receive a tradeoffer with your prize, or get contacted via mail within a few days. Make sure your tradelink connected to your GamerPay profile is up to date - then we will sort out the rest πŸ˜‰

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