3-D Secure (3DS)

An additional layer of security on online transactions.

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3-D Secure is a protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions πŸ’³

When purchasing an item on GamerPay, 3DS is forced and you will be required to authorize the payment through a 3DS validation. In most countries, it is either through an app on your Mobile Phone or a One-time password πŸ“±

3-D Secure explained

The basic concept of the protocol is to tie the financial authorization process with online authentication. This additional security authentication is based on a three-domain model (hence the 3-D in the name itself). The three domains are:

  • Acquirer domain (the bank and the merchant to which the money is being paid).

  • Issuer domain (the card issuer of the card being used).

  • Interoperability domain (the infrastructure provided by the card scheme, credit, debit, prepaid or other types of payment card, to support the 3-D Secure protocol). It includes the Internet, merchant plug-in, access control server, and other software providers

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