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Guide on how to add your details and obtain a bank account statement

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Bank account details

Depending on what country your bank is located in, the details you need to provide may differ. You can always find the requirements on the bank account page or below.

Bank account statement

This document/screenshot serves as proof that you are the rightful owner of the bank account to which the money in your wallet will be sent 👛

We advise you to download a bank account statement, however, you can also take a screenshot of your online banking as long as the information below is shown 👇

Proof of Bank (IBAN)

  • Your bank's logo

  • Your full name

  • IBAN Number

Proof of Bank (Denmark)

  • Your bank's logo

  • Your full name

  • Registration and account number

Proof of Bank (SWIFT)

  • Your bank's logo

  • Your full name

  • Account number (and branch/sort code + BIC/SWIFT if possible).

Denmark - Netbank guide

For our users living in Denmark we have made an overview of where you might find the information we need. "Konto" is he bank account you wish to use, not an option called "Konto":

Arbejdernes Landsbank (Netbank): Konto —> Kontovilkår

Danske Bank (Netbank): Konto —> Detaljer

Djursland Bank (Mobil App): Konto —> Kontodetaljer

Handelsbanken (Netbank): Konto —> Kontovilkår

Jyske Bank (Mobil App): Konto —> Kontodetaljer

Lunar Bank (Mobil App): Konto —> Kontoudtog —> Hent kontoudtog

Lån og Spar (Netbank): Konto —> Info

Nordea (Netbank): Konto —> Kontooplysninger

Nykredit (Netbank): Konto —> Kontovilkår

Ringkjøbing Landbobank og Nordjyske Bank (Mobil App): Konto —> Kontodetaljer

Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn (Mobil App): Konto —> Kontodetaljer

Sparekassen Vendsyssel (Netbank): Konti og kort —> Kontobevægelser —> Kontovilkår

Sydbank (Mobil App): Konto —> Kontodetaljer

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