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GamerPay Penalty system
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Our goal is to offer the best marketplace experience for in-game items, and to do so we have a penalty system that punishes users who do not complete their trades on GamerPay.

This decreases the likeliness of a trade expiring/being canceled, and also makes sure that users who have a 100% success rate when buying or selling have an advantage against the users who do not complete their part of the trade 🙌

Potential penalties when buying

If you buy an item that is tradeable and create the tradeoffer on Steam, but then proceed to cancel the offer, you will pay a 2% penalty for the inconvenience.

If the item you buy is trade locked and then proceed to not create the tradeoffer on Steam once tradeable, or cancels the offer after the tradelock period has ended, you will pay a 10% penalty for the inconvenience.

Potential penalties when selling

If you sell an item on GamerPay and do not accept the trade within the 18-hour timeframe, you will pay a 2% penalty for the inconvenience. In case your balance does not have enough coverage, you will be awarded a selling ban instead. More on that here.

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