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The NiP AR - Exclusively on GamerPay
The NiP AR - Exclusively on GamerPay

Learn everything about the NiP AR and how to get your hands on one!

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The GamerPay team has teamed up with one of the leading eSports organizations Ninjas in Pyjamas as well as the team in order to create an amazing NiP-themed AR with a custom model and custom sounds for the web3-based browser game. This will release in a batch of 275 units - in order to learn more, press the image below πŸ₯·

How do I get started?

In order to get your hands on this beautiful AR, you will have to sign up on GamerPay with your email address or Steam account πŸ“
Once you have signed up, you should connect a Solana-compatible wallet to your GamerPay account, which will act as your inventory for your skins (tokens) - you will need to add a wallet prior to buying πŸ‘›

When we open up for the sale, we will email everyone on our waitlist, so make sure to sign up for the waitlist if you want to get your hands on a sleek AR πŸ“§

How do I buy a NiP AR?

Buying skins for is probably easier than you think - once your Solana wallet has been connected, you select a skin, pay with your credit card, and then the skin will be transferred to your wallet by the seller πŸ’³

How do I play with my NiP AR?

In order to equip your AR, you need to log in to your profile. Once logged in, go to the menu and press profile. Here you will be able to find the NiP AR. In order to equip it, press the rifle and you will see a checkmark once it has been equipped βœ”οΈ

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