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How do I sell skins on GamerPay?
How do I sell skins on GamerPay?

Everything you need to know about selling skins

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In order to sell your skins on GamerPay, you need to link your wallet to your GamerPay account. To do so, go to Profile and press Connect wallet 🔗

Once you have connected your wallet, head over to Sell and you should be able to see all your skins as long as is selected. Here you select a price and press Set for sale. Now your skins will be listed on the GamerPay marketplace and in your GamerPay shop, which you can share on social media to speed up the sale 💨

If your skins get sold, we will notify you through email and SMS. In order to accept the sale, head over to the Trades tab and open the trade. Press Accept trade and follow the instructions from your wallet in order to transfer the skin to the buyer. We have already sent you some SOL in order to cover the transaction fee. Once the transaction has been completed, the funds will be added to your GamerPay wallet 💸

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