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What do you use my Steam API key for?
What do you use my Steam API key for?

Creating the safest way to trade.

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With your Steam API key, GamerPay can only fetch your inventory and track your trades.
We do not have the ability to create or cancel trades on your behalf ❌

The Steam API is an essential tool to ensure that everything goes smoothly, as we are a P2P marketplace, and we, therefore, do not store the items listed on the marketplace 🧰

In order to track your trades and make sure you do not get scammed, we use the Steam API to validate the trade status - to track your trades, we need your API key 🕵️

What about scammers and API-scam?

A common misconception by many is that it is possible to create a trade if someone has gained access to your API key, which many people know as API-Scam. However, that is not correct

For scammers to take advantage of your API key (and scam you when you try to make a trade, they will need you to fall for a phishing scam (by logging in to a fake Steam site) ⚠️

If you fall for a phishing scam, the scammers will essentially have access to your Steam account, but not your Steam Guard - this means they can create and cancel trades, but can not confirm them. Therefore they will abuse your API key to track when you are about to trade, so they can mimic the account you are trading with, which means you can end up confirming a fake trade 📱

If you want to learn more about phishing scams, how to prevent them, and how to recover access to your account if you fell for a phishing scam, you can read the blog post below ⬇️

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